Monday, May 18, 2009

Where did my ticket go?

So as I mentioned in the description of this blog there are things that happen to me that even the most creative novelists couldn't make up and an event that happened yesterday is a perfect example.
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in May I headed out to Kauffman to watch the Royals (lose, I wonder if I'm a bad luck charm) with Jason and David and in true fashion we tailgated in preparation for the night. But to truly set the stage I would need to explain that it was replica stadium giveaway night, so since you can't go in and come back out...but they only give out replica stadiums to the first 20,000 people the boys had a plan to purchase cheap tickets use those to go in and grab our replicas and then go out and tailgate and use our original tickets to get back in for the actual game. A new concept to me, but it made sense so I went along with the plan.
So we have our tickets, we have our replicas and we are back at the truck tailgating. Jason's newest addition to our tailgating supplies is a Potty Tent. ( We made fun initially, but then realized that the Potty Tent is a pretty great idea. I had my 'good' ticket, a.k.a. ticket I didn't use to get my replica so ticket I needed to use to get into the game, in the back pocket of my jeans and after going into the Potty Tent I realized that I didn't have my good ticket anymore so we begin searching around the tailgate area for my ticket when David realizes that my ticket is in the Potty Tent Pee Bucket. Yes I lost the ticket I needed to get into the game out of the back pocket of my jeans in a bucket filled with urine. Now what does one do when their ticket is floating in a bucket of (with the help of Jason and David) dump out the bucket and pick up the ticket with already used cooking utensils, proceed to rinse off the ticket with a can of Miller Lite (that was part of a case that was left in a Wataburger parking lot in Dallas, TX that Jason and David picked up two weekends ago on a road trip) and leave the on the parking lot in the sun to dry out.
How does one get that ticket to the stadium without being completely grossed out about what you are carrying...put it in a zip lock baggie and have the nice ticket man scan you ticket through the baggie and then proceed to throw the baggie away immediately inside the gate.
This brings me to a good topic, I'm a planner and I have a Tailgate Supply Kit that is always ready to go when duty calls. I highly recommend this for anyone who goes on a lot of picnics, tailgates or weekends at the lake. I use a shallow Rubbermaid type container and always have the following items to be left in the kit at all times:
Aluminum Foil
Zip Lock Baggies
Paper Plates
Cooking and eating utensils
Clorox Wipes
Plastic Table cloth
Hand sanitizer
Long-handled lighter
Salt, pepper and/or seasoning salts
I am sure that you will have many other items that you will include in yours that you find important like my giant serving bowl or my collapsible plastic wine glass, but having a kit ready to go when your friends call with an extra ticket to the game will allow you to worry more about finding your lucky jersey and less about where that lighter is to start the grill.
Traveling Cowgirl Code:
Be prepared, you never know when you will need a zip lock baggie to hold a ticket that has been peed on and rinsed off with a beer picked up in a fast food restaurant parking lot.
HaPpY tRailS!


  1. Remind me to tell you about when Britt dropped his gameboy into the toilet. I didn't even know about it for three days. Little booger went plucked it right out of the airport (even grosser) toilet with his bare hands, then stuffed it under the jet drier and went right on. Kids. Ugh.

  2. Oh wow Mel! But look at you cowgal - you were prepared! Thank God for zip lock! :)

    - Kristy