Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toasty Toes

10 days left of the 2009 Christmas shopping season and I know that some people are still racking their brains on what to get those hard-to-shop for people on their is a great idea for someone who 1) loves hiking and the outdoors and 2) enjoys outdoor activities/sports when it is cold. (or maybe I'm thinking about them because it is currently a negative wind-chill outside and I'm cozied up by the fire in my apartment) I highly recommend UnderArmor wool socks, they are fantastic, come in great girly (and manly) colors and are a great replacement for the typical package of tube socks in your stocking. I wear these socks when I'm working at home and recently I wore them skiing with warm feet all weekend. They also have great wicking and good elastic across the top so they stay up and don't bunch at your ankles. Enjoy giving the gift of toasty toes! Traveling Cowgirl Code: Give a practical gift with a unique twist.

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