Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rockettes and Opryland Hotel

I like a good dog and pony show, but when I went to the Rockette's on Saturday night with Jennie Schutte and Sara Thieding, I NEVER expected it to be a sheep and camel show. I had it in my head that all we were going to see was pretty girls in fancy outfits doing the famous kick lines you see on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but it was so much more. I would venture a guess that there were 100 performers in the show that included singers, dancers, ballerinas, dancing costumed characters (spoofing or paying honor to The Nutcracker), dancing flowers, Santa and Mrs. Clause and elves. The Rockette's were amazing with a combination of drill team moves, precision, tap dancing, musical playing and of course the famous kick line. The finale was very special and honored what Christmas is really about, the birth of Christ. They brought the story of Jesus' birth to life on stage and concluded with a living nativity complete with live sheep, camels and a donkey, shepherds, kings and their people. It was pretty spectacular, not to mention that I watched it all in the Grand Ole Opry building that just oozes tradition and history every time I enter the doors. After the Rockette's we took a walk through the Opryland hotel to see the upgrades and changes since the flood. Honestly we didn't see a lot of difference from a year ago except changing the names of some of the restaurants, updating the restaurants and a few less plants in the flowerbeds. There are approximately 15,000 poinsettias in the hotel varying in size, color and location with two giant trees made of poinsettia stacks that are spectacular. If your plans are to be in and around the Nashville area this holiday season I highly recommend to take in the Rockette's show, or catch them as they travel to a city near you, and take a little time to walk through the Opryland hotel and see the amazing Christmas display of lights including the live-sized Nativity outside the north entrance and their ridiculously light covered trees.

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  1. I love poinsettias, especially when they do the big trees of them like the one you are standing in front of! I watched the Disney Christmas decorating special the other night and it is amazing how many they use. Seeing the Rockettes is on my bucket list!