Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Growing Salad Pot

So flipping through a magazine while on the beach last week I came across an article about planting a salad bowl in a pot, I was super impressed at the thought of planting a beautiful ceramic pot full of a variety of salad green...not only pretty but healthy and very functional. I just wish I would have seen it earlier in the season since most lettuce varieties are good in cooler temperatures. So today I set out to purchase the items needed to make said salad pot and the great little plant place on North Oak (for those of your in KC just north of Barry on North Oak) already had them made up...but not only did they have them but they had them planted in adorable is that? So I purchased one of those for my sister-in-law, my brother and I to give to my mom for mothers's day and I purchased the materials to make on for myself at home because I want to get in touch with my green thumb this summer! So I purchased a nice flat but wide pot, a chive plant and green seeds - arugula, black-seeded simpson lettuce and a gourmet mixture. I planted the chive in the middle and filled the pot with soil to where I wanted the top of the lettuce to be, sprinkled seeds in a diagonal pattern, topped lightly with soil and watered. (oh and crossed my fingers) Hopefully in 30-45 days I can post an update of the pot and my first salad from my perfect little salad pot!

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