Friday, January 15, 2010

Great Steaks!

So this recipe falls into the let-someone-else-cook-it-for-you (and buy it) category. On my trip to Orlando we were taken out to dinner by a group that we work with often to promote products at the office. We went to a great steakhouse that is listed in the Spirit Magazine for Southwest Airlines as one of the best 10 Steakhouses in the US. Secretly as a steak lover I have wanted to visit another steakhouse on that list (years ago I was at Manny's in Minneapolis, but before I truly appreciated the status) and last night I did. Charley's Steakhouse.
The woman had my heart when she introduced the cuts as only the best steaks from corn-fed steers fed in eastern Colorado and western Kansas...ahhhh, heaven...and aged to perfection in their oxygen free environment which I am not an expert on aging meat, but it sounds good right.
They cook all the meat over a wood fire with multiple woods used for great smoking effect and let me tell you that these steaks were cooked to perfection. We also started with the crab cake and calamari appetizer, house salads and fried green tomato and asparagus sides to share with the table. The appetizers were great, salad and friend green tomatoes were ok. I didn't have any asparagus because I was just too full.
Here are some steak shots...yeah they were really that big.
Steak #1 - Bone-in Ribeye with Prawn

Steak #2 (mine) - 28 oz bone-in strip steak

I highly recommend Charley's in Orlando on International Drive for great wine, good steaks and an overall relaxing dining experience. Schedule some time for this one...we were 3 hours.

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  1. Oh, this makes me so hungry. I love steak, and I would love to visit every one on that Top 10 list!