Friday, January 15, 2010

Do something nice

What has happened and what will be happening in Haiti is completely out of the realm of my imagination and I am sure most everyone that lives in the US. Wether you decide to give to the cause your not is your decision, however I have a very easy and simple way for each and every one of us traveling warriors to make a difference because of our travel.
If many of you are like me you hardly use the hotel shampoo, soaps, etc. because you have a preference and carry your own with you. Next time you travel, collect all of those toiletry items and put them in one of the plastic hotel laundry bags and bring them home with you. If you do that after every trip then you will collect quite a pile of small bottles and plastic wrapped soaps and your question is what would I do with all of these items.
In case you don't know what a plastic hotel
laundry bag looks like.

The loot I've collected this week...please note the stylish bed runner is not mine, it is property of the Marriot in Nashville.

Well the really, really nice stuff keep in your spare bathroom for guests to use when them come to town or if you are like me and are never home, don't have a spare bathroom or have guests come to town (mainly because I'm never there not because I'm not likable or don't have any friends) then you can give those items to the local homeless shelter, battered women's clinic or other charitable organization in your area...or send them as part of the relief efforts to Haiti or other countries that may be in need of our help in the future. They take up very little room in your suitcase and imagine the joy they could bring someone who hasn't had a shower or truly felt clean in days, weeks or maybe even months. Traveling Cowgirl Code: Do something nice for someone once a week and gathering up soaps, shampoos, etc. can be that one nice thing that someone could pass along.

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  1. Sounds good to me.....and you DO have friends! :)