Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Louisville Top 5

Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky - here is my Louisville, KY Top 5 with the caviat that with the time of the year that I visted and the weather mishaps I wasn't able to take in the Kentucky Derby Museum (it is under construction right now due to flooding last fall, will reopen in April) or Louisville Slugger Factor (they close at 5 and that just doesn't suit a workin' girl) so this is what I could put together. So if you go during more pleasant weather and aren't working all day I would check those two places out.
National Farm Machinery Show I kind of had to include it because that is why I went to Louisville and with the snow storm that hit we weren’t able to do too much else. Honestly the show is great for anyone who loves farming or the agricultural way of life.
Kentucky Expo Center - http://www.kyfairexpo.org/
Get your work out here…this place is huge, make sure and bring your walking shoes if you attend ANY event here.
Blu Italian Grille - http://www.blugrille.com/ Hidden away in the Marriott downtown but don’t let the hotel distract you from the interested food and beautifully prepared plates. It is a great place to eat downtown without going to the 4th Street Live area.
Mitchell’s Fish Market - http://www.mitchellsfishmarket.com/ This is a great little joint that has a very diverse menu and very fresh fish for a land-locked state. Make sure you save room for dessert and get the Shark Fin Pie…enough for 4 people to share! (yum, see the picture...Jennie and I split one and couldn't get half way through it)

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