Monday, February 1, 2010

Beef is for LOVERS

Ok so I know that it is supposed to be Virginia, but I think that all, ok or most Virginians, especially those not in the DC area who aren't vegeterians, vegans, etc. would be happy to let beef take their spot for this month. I learned last week at the NCBA Convention in San Antonio, TX that the campaign for the Beef Check-off Board is
I [heart] Beef...they even have buttons they were hading out and I just had to have one and thanks to Amber I got one to wear during the conference and I will sport it for this month as well and hope people ask me the question why I am wearing it.
Here is a link to the news release that was put out by the Beef Board:
Think about beef this month, in addition to all of the great ideas they list here beef is a great food for Superbowl foods including Chili, Chili Dogs, Hamburgers, etc.

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