Thursday, February 17, 2011

Elways in Denver

So being from Missouri and a fan of the Chiefs it was really, really hard for me to consider going to Elway's Restaurant - in Denver, but it came highly rated and they are known for their steaks so I thought I could overcome by Broncos hatred and dislike for John Elway to check out. In the ground level of the Ritz in downtown Denver is a great lively location that serves local fare - Colorado lamb that Amber enjoyed and even a sushi bar that Susan and I sampled as our appetizer. But the steaks were wonderful and the hit of the night. They were juicy, corn-fed and seasoned just right. Consequently we visited the All American Seasoning company that day and they are the ones who make the special spice blend for the Elway steaks, and we just so happened to to get a container to take home with us...seasoning that is not the steaks. So next time your in Denver and looking for a special place for a great steak, check out Elways.

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