Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Low-Fat Strawberry Dessert

So...I've been a little MIA but no excuses I'm back on the blog and have a great and healthy summer dessert recipe for all you health nuts out there who also love flavor... There are two ways that you can do this dessert, the good girl way or the bad girl way and that means adding Oreos, because you all know I love Oreos. This requires no baking and even is a great stress reliever! Frozen Strawberry Oreo Dessert 1 container of strawberries, plus a few more for decoration 1/4 can of fat free sweet and condensed milk 1 or 2 tubs of fat free whipped topping 10 Oreos Slice up a small container of fresh strawberries, then macerate them by adding sugar, stirring and letting them set for 30 minutes while you prep the rest of the items needed. Line a loaf pan, glass or metal either one, with Saran wrap so the dessert will easily lift out of the pan once frozen to decorate and serve. If you are going the 'bad' girl route then this is your opportunity to crush some Oreos in a Ziplock baggie and set them aside. Now take a potato masher (or fork if you don't have a potato masher) and smash up the strawberries so they are in smushed together and in broken small pieces, there should be lots of juice in the bowl too. Take 1/4 can fat free sweet and condensed milk (add more if your strawberries need sweetening) and one fat free regular sized tub of whipped topping and stir together. Pour into the loaf pan and top with the Oreo crumbs if you are being bad. Cover with the Saran wrap edges and freeze for 6 hours or overnight. When you are ready to serve you can serve as-is or you can place it on a pretty cake plate inverted and 'frost' with another tub of whipped topping and decorate with Oreos if your bad or strawberries if your good or both if you are just wanting to live on the edge. Slice and serve immediately!

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