Friday, January 3, 2014

This Seasoning Will Change Your Life

...ok so maybe not your life, but it will change your food for sure and for some people food is there life, or I guess food is required for life, oh whatever you get where I am going with this.

I really wanted to say This Seasoning FROM WALMART Will Change your life but I decided against it since I was sure no one would read this post.

Introducing Cavendar's All Purpose Greek Seasoning

So I knew nothing about this seasoning until a couple of co-workers told me about it and told me it was a must for cooking. I picked some up and they are right. Now dont' think you are going to get a shot of feta and oregano from this bottle, but you will get a lot of great seasonings and I buy the Salt Free version so I can control the salt how I like it but still get the good flavoring.

What would you add it to you might ask...well basically I've added it to everything I've made in the past few months that isn't sweet: soups, stews, pasta sauce with meat, vegetable sides, etc.

I bought mine at Hen House, but the link above is for Walmart...I think it is basically sold at all major grocery stores or online. Kick up those winter dishes and try some out today!

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