Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Airport Etiquette, Part 3 - Food on Planes

Procrastination is the root of all evil and instead of packing like I should be I wanted to post this very important comment about food on planes because when I get on a plane at 7:20 this evening I am pretty sure that I will run into this problem and after the day I have had...insert lack of sleep, laundry, packing, work, truck making awful noises that required Ford to come get it to look at it...and I am sure that the post I would make after the experience might not be appropriate for the G rated audience. So here it is... If they don’t serve food on the flight, which fewer and fewer flights are serving meals then you MAY be expected to pay for your snacks (you think that is bad Delta stopped carrying Ginger Ale for like 8 weeks this spring, talk about traumatic…they must have had enough complaints and must have been notified of the nausea soothing benefits of the wondrous drink of Ginger Ale) or you can always bring your own snacks. I just ask for the sake of me and all the other people on the plane that may have motion sickness issues 


Smelly foods constitute for anything that could have a pungent odor that could be offensive to people not in a confined area like…Chinese, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian…ok so maybe anything that could be warm and smell. 

Traveling Cowgirl Code: Be healthy, pack your own snacks at home that won't disrupt your fellow passengers.

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  1. while i typically have an iron stomach and do not experience motion sickness in planes, i do have a food to add to your list of no no's...tuna (and other seafood). the smell of that makes my husband want to barf.