Monday, July 27, 2009

Cruise Control

Here is the deal, if you have cruise control on your vehicle...and unless there are other circumstances that prevent you from using your pulling a trailer, your cruise control is broken, your testing your skills like numchuck skills...then use it.
By not using your cruise control you are choosing to be that obnoxious maroon Grand Am with Montana plates that passes, slows down, we pass you, you speed up again, then slow down again, we pass you again, over and over again through the foothills of the New Mexican mountains until you give US a dirty look because YOU act like WE are the ones driving like idiots forcing us to roll our eyes at you and say nasty things about you before we intimidate you to slowing down enough to create distance between us and you.
Road trips are a lot of fun and I highly encourage everyone to take some time out of their usual hectic schedules to take a road trip with your besties (I believe that is what the kids are calling their close friends these days). It can be a short drive to no particular destination at all or it can be a long-distance trek across the barren lands of New Mexico, regardless you can't beat driving on the open road (with your cruise control on of course) listening to the tunes of your past (or present whatever works for you).

It helps if you have a great co-driver to share the driving duties is my co-driver from the weekend and from many, many previous road trips over the course of the last 11 years.

And the all-important self-portrait to
prove you were in the car too!
Traveling Cowgirl Roadtrip Tip: Go barefoot and crazy for a while, you're only young once....but watch the sun coming through the windows it can burn the tops of your ghostly white feet.

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