Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Airport Etiquette, Part 4 - Baggage Claim

As you are praying to the baggage gods (well not that baggage god, god knows we all have enough baggage on our own without asking for more) to ensure your luggage actually made it to your destination, do us all a favor take 6-10 steps back from the turntable, this allows everyone to be able to see the bags as they come through instead of just the 20 people standing directly on top of the turntable blocking everyone else’s view and then get disgusted as people have to reach around you to get their bag and then bash you in the knee with it when they ‘accidentally’ hit you as they get their 72 pound bag off before it is whisked away in the sea of people. Also if you see someone struggling with a giant bag, first of all shame on them for packing a bag that they can’t handle (yes I had a 72 pound bag, but I could handle it), but secondly before they are being drug around in circles please help them out. If you have a piece of luggage that is very similar to many of the other bags (aka black suitcase) putting an identifying tag or handle wrap will prevent you from checking every single black suitcase that comes by. 

There are really cute luggage handle wraps at specialty stores that can help you identify your bag quickly...if you are an advertiser one of the best items I've ever received was a branded luggage handle wrap or people are now giving away luggage tags that have their brand on it as well. This is a site for luggage handle wraps: http://markitnow.com/shopsite_sc/index.html

Traveling Cowgirl Code: Be nice, step back and no one will get hurt at baggage claim.

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