Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank You Phildelphia

Well that is probably a sarcastic title to top off a fairly sarcastic morning....and I'll get to that in a minute but I do honestly want to talk about Airports for a second and airport bathrooms in particular. I want to thank the Philly Airport for having bathroom stalls (in the women's side at least, the guy I asked to check out and report about the men's side looked at me like I was crazy so to say the least I didn't get a report back...hopefully you have huge urinals!) that could house a small family, it was nice to be able to put your stuff on the nice hanging racks that they have provided a go to the bathroom without trying to hold you stuff off the floor or prevent it from falling off the hook they provide that is only a 1/2 in long. Another airport bathroom that I think has come a long way in design is Kansas City. You all know I LOVE the Kansas City airport and for those of you who do not your haters and jealous of the ease and convenience that those of us who live there have with our airport. But back to the bathroom stalls, the doors open out, not in so it allows you to get completely inside with all your junk (trunk junk included) and are still able to close the door without dropping all your belongings in the toilet bowl. Most airports aren't designed like this and you may think I am crazy for critiquing airport bathrooms but someone has got to do it and in all honesty it keeps me sane. So back to sarcasm...thank you Philly Airport for being right on the water and having fog problems that creates a ground stop so my inbound plane from Rochester is 5 minutes too late from me catching my connection to Kansas City...thank you Philly for your nice roomy bathrooms and all the interesting shops to peruse through it will keep me entertained for the next 3 hours as I wait for my next flight into Kansas City...thank you Philly for the guy walking around the gate area with a Shakespeare's t-shirt on, great now I want Pizza (shout out to all the CoMo Alumni)...thank you Philly for having seats that could be a bench so very tired travelers can lay down and snore as they sleep off last night waiting on their flight and annoying people who are sleep deprived, who have missed a flight and are bitching about it on their blog....thank you to the girlfriend or wife that just called snoring man to wake him from his bear like slumber...thank you Philly for giving the lady who drives the handicapped cart a bike bell, that has just made everything better...and (back to seriousness) thank you Philly for FREE wireless Internet, a really nice gate agent who took pitty on me and gave me his last available seat to KC at 1:30 and for having a massage parlor inside your terminal, chair massage here I come. Traveling Cowgirl Code: Look pathetic when trying to rebook a flight with a male gate agent, even pull out the tears if every time (well most the time).

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