Friday, August 7, 2009

I LOVE OREOS - Recipe #1

Yes it is true, one of my very favorite cookies is Oreos...because I see Oreos as the way for me to get my calcium intake. I'm not a big fan of milk (sorry to all my dairy farming friends and those that support and produce goods for the dairy industry, I LOVE cheese so I make up for it there!!!) to drink but I have to have me good cold milk when I'm eating my Oreos.
But I see Oreos as a very versatile food because they can be made into a variety of sweet treats. One of my favorite Oreo treats is of course a cup cake. Hard to believe I know...and I can't take full credit for this recipe, but I have taken a unique twist on the recipe...again hard to believe...but I did...I'm such a rebel.
The original recipe which was extremely good was to take a white cake mix and mix as directed on the back of the box, then stir in large chunks of Oreo into the cake batter and bake. They also mixed in chunked Oreo into a can of white frosting and frosted the cupcakes with the crunchy mixture. Honestly it was hard to frost the cupcakes with chunks of Oreo in the frosting and the Oreos in the frosting were soggy when you ate them a few hours later...some people like that and some don't. I personally do not...and I wanted a little more Oreo flavor to my cupcake. This also creates a really light and airy batter so make sure you use paper liners.
So take these for a spin if you like the black and white discs of joy.
Outstanding Oreolicious Cupcakes
1 white cake mix and all the stuff to make the cake
1 row of Oreos crushed up (varying sized pieces and crumbs)
1 can of frosting (I used whipped white)
In a large mixing bowl put the white cake mix, oil/water, eggs and Oreo pieces. Mix as directed. (key is to get the Oreo in the mix at the beginning so the cookies get all through the mix) Bake as directed. Once the cupcakes are completely cool frost with the frosting of your choice and then top with half an Oreo.
I'll have many more recipes with Oreos in them in the future.
Traveling Cowgirl Cooking Tip:
Use a freezer zip lock baggie when crushing cookies, they are thicker than the regular storage baggies and won't bust open as easily...also make sure the air is completely out of the bag or you will have a major mess on your hands!

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