Monday, May 3, 2010

Scotland - Day 1

Well the trip over to Scotland was relatively uneventful...thankfully we made it in this morning since as of a few hours ago they have shut down the airspace over Ireland because a change in the wind and the volcanic ash is drifting over Dublin.
After we flew into Edinburg we were graciously picked up by one of our hosts and on our way to the Scotish countryside which is pretty breathtaking.
Our host and guide also shared a Scotish joke that I thought was too good not to pass along:
A Scotish sheep farmer's wife disliked him so and thought he was the worst farmer in the world, one night he brought a sheep into the bedroom and said look here...the wife removed her book from her face and he said this is the cow that I have sex with when you say you have a headache, the wife in total disgust says, "that shows how much you know about farming, that's a sheep", the husband says "that shows how well you know me I was talking to the sheep."
Here are a few photos from the day:
A couple of deer playing in a carrot field. The field has been covered with straw since December to preserve the carrots until they were needed at market.
St. Andrews Cathedral Ruins

The second oldest churct in the Scotish church system, behind a malt barley field.

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