Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scotland/England - Day 2

We have crossed from Scotland to England for Day 2 of our 5 day trip to the UK...I am much more refreshed today and hope to continue that trend throughout the week. I wanted to leave Scotland with some learnings that I have picked up along the way...here is my top 5 tribute to Scotland. Scotland Top 5:
  1. When the Dutch give you a gift of a bridge, decline the offer it was made from Lego's.
  2. When you are dining at a pub in a town by the sea eat something from it, the sea that is not the town.
  3. May 4, 2010 is known as Star Wars Day…MAY the FOURce be with you, they really like their movies and movie stars (Ewan McGreggor is a god here)...this is the castle that was where the 'real' Braveheart happened just south of Dublane.
  4. There are a lot of Scottish Sheep Farmer jokes, most would make my rodeo friends (who are just half a step down from sailors) blush
  5. The Scots are finally figuring it out…a way to grow maize (corn) under plastic so they can finish their beef the right way, on corn not on grass. There is a constant debate between my Scotish counterparts and myself on which is better...I'm the winner of the debate but they say they are right. But honestly, due to the cold soil temperatures growing maize is difficult for them, so they plant the maize under plastic to create a terrarium effect and increase overall maize production...to lay plastic is about 100 pounds per acre!

We are staying at a wonderful old 'castle' tonight...I'm in the sitting room sure that these old people in the painting surrounding me are rolling over in their graves at the fact that I am blogging on WIFI from their home. Cheers!

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