Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Website of the Week -

This week’s website may become your best friend. provides a daily deal (or two…sometimes there is a side-deal) where you can purchase a discounted gift certificate. Often it is a two for one special, a $30 gift certificate for $15…but sometimes you can get a bigger discount of up to 75% at times. Recently I purchased $60 gift certificates for $30 to Plaza III Steakhouse and $10 worth of gelato for $5. In addition to restaurant gift certificates there are ice cream shops, spas, cleaning services, boutiques and nightclubs.
So this is how it works, you sign up at to receive a daily email with the offer they are promoting in your area. If enough people click on the offer (it varies based on the company and the offer), then you will be the proud owner of a great gift certificate (or two if they let you buy more than one). Often there are side deals that will go along with the main offer, so be sure and look for them when they are there.

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