Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Website of the Week -

Website of the Week –
So I’m starting a new part of my blog which is Website of the Week. We all have our favorite websites and most often we learn about other great websites from our friends and family, so I want to pass those on to everyone.
The first website is called This is a great site for those of you who may live alone (like me) and wonder what you look like in a specific outfit…or maybe cleaning out your closets and wondering if that outfit still is in-style or looks good on you, or if you have a big date, a class reunion, an interview, the possibilities are endless. This is not a total group of fashionistas (even though I am sure some of them are sitting in their downtown Manhattan apartments with a coffee table covered with Italian Vogues and thinking these people have no sense of style) it is everyday people, you can go on there and critique outfits right now.
How it works: 1) go to and set up an account; 2) put on the outfit in question, including shoes, jewelry, etc. and take a picture of yourself (camera phone, via full-length mirror, camera on timer, webcam whatever you have) and upload it to; 3) thicken your skin and wait for feedback, you will get an email each time you have comments on your outfit and will get a final email when the feedback is complete. I tried this service out as an experiment and will definitely use it again…first I put on what I thought was a cute black casual skirt and a t-shirt that I know was WAAAY too small with flip flops. The feedback I got was very interesting but very honest…”the shirt is too tight,” “maybe switch it out for a cute v-neck and long necklace;” “cute skirt, great length for your height but maybe put on a cute pair of heels instead of flip flops;” “don’t wear flip flops, they should only be reserved for the beach” and the list went on and on, 15 comments in all in 5 hours.
You must have thick skin to use this service, people are brutal but you are asking for their opinion and that is what they are giving everything is objective. Give yourself some time, upload the picture a day or two before you need to wear the outfit so you have time to get feedback and change out your outfit if need be. I will use it again and again, especially for special occasions. One last tip…if you don’t want people to see your face or identify you then do what I do…crop your face out or put a black oval over your face so you are completely incognito.

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