Thursday, January 27, 2011


To end a week with a series of rants is something very common, just typically I don't do it on the blog, but today I will. 1. Dear Iowa friends, please don't be offended when I complain about having to drive to DSM or Iowa in the middle of winter. I mean honestly what do you have to offer to a visitor in mid-January? 2. If you are driving on an on-ramp, at night, with a car behind you don't have the gall to throw a bunch of trash out your window...yes I mean you Mr or Mrs Hyandi Elantra GA7WD3, I am not the queen of environmental health, but puhlease. 3. If you live north of I70, and it is between the months of November and March, it may and probably will know with it, that goes double for you in the northeast, especially New York. I am sick of hearing about the awful snow and weather, it is winter...if you are warm and safe stop your whining. 4. La NEMO and el NIA have not caused crazy weather patterns, possibly crazy bathroom habits if you got a bad piece of la NEMO, but honestly. If you are trying to be smarter than everyone else around you then learn how to pronounce some pretty simple weather terms.

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