Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Part of MY Americana

Yesterday I was so excited I got to go down and watch one of my 'nephews' (my friend Christy's son) ride his pony Misty in their very first parade. Now my nephew Jasper is 3 and I said their first parade because he hasn't ridden in one before but Misty has a few years on her (a lady never tells her true age) and I believe is a parade veteran.

Parades are an icon of Americana to me. Maybe that is because I grew up participating in my hometown's parade in a variety of ways from riding my horse through or walking through with the cheerleading squad. I love going to parades and watching the veterans post the colors, the antique cars, tractors and fire trucks, kids dressed up in costumes on their bicycles, marching bands, and the horse exhibits.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the parade...this is true Americana to me. Thanks Drexel, MO for keeping traditions alive!

Christy putting vet wrap on Misty for patriotic legs as Jasper oversees!

Saddling up!

Everyone waiting for the big moment under a nice shade tree. Misty is ready to roll!
This man loves John Deere...too bad I don't, but interesting.

I love old Fire Trucks!

The right kind of tractor...my brother has a restored H.
The main attraction...cousin Jacoby, Jasper and Misty and Pa.

Love this kid...

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