Friday, July 1, 2011

Old Time Photos

We all have them...well I guess those of us who grew up close enough to Branson or touristy areas in Colorado or out west have had them taken...usually when we were children dressed as cowboys or Indians or prairie people.

A few years ago in Branson with my mom, Grandma Warner, Aunt Lisa, Aunt Pam and Cousin Jackie we had an old time photo taken at a place that will remain nameless that was ok, but only gave us one photo in a gangster time period so the costumes were great, but mine might have been a little too low cut for Grandma so she colored it in with ink pen. When we returned to Branson this past weekend I suggested we take another photo because we were due and because my sister-in-law came this year as well.

We went to Miss Julie's Old Time Photo. They don't have a website but they have multiple locations along 76 with the one we stopped at located at 1205 W. Hwy 76 Country Music Blvd, Branson, MO 65616. They were awesome...they had multiple sets and a wide variety of clothing and props. We took more than 60 photos in three different sets in multiple groups, all of us with Grandma, the aunts/mom alone and with Grandma, all the granddaughters, my aunt and cousin, and my mom, my sister in law and myself.

Here are a few shots of the photo shoot...the best part was that for a little extra money we were able to buy the entire CD of pictures and I could edit them as I wanted. I used to get the old time photo look to them. They also gave me a release form so I could go to my favorite photo album site and get the photos printed or put into an album.

The Wild Acklin Girls

Ladies in the parlor...guns ready

Enough said...

Madame Grandma and her ladies
Would you mess with this? I wouldn't!

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