Friday, February 3, 2012

Heart Healthy Beef - Serloin Roast

I love, love, love roast. I wish I was home more on the weekends because there is nothing like having a roast in the crock pot slowly cooking all day and slowly smelling up the house with wonderful beef smell. And roasts are soooo easy to make. Like here is how easy...take a crock pot on low or a stock pot and an oven turned onto 275...put the roast into either vessel with some aromatics, herbs and liquid. So for example a common roast that a lot of people make is a package of onion soup mix and water half way up the roast...cook it for 5-8 hours depending on the size of your roast, then with an hour or so remaining throw in some pearl onions, large chunked raw potatoes and baby carrots.

Now I like to fancy mine up a little big by adding dried porcinni mushrooms, oregano, and thyme with a mixture of water and red wine for a great Italian combination.

There are a million recipes online for roasts...or there are packets at the store that make it very, very simple. Try it this weekend!

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