Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heart Healthy Beef - Filet

The filet is a very popular steakhouse order. For me I personally prefer the strip but knowing that the strip is usually 8-10 ounces and a filet usually is 4-8 ounces I usually go for the filet for portion control and because it is on the Heart Healthy cuts of beef list.

Now I always prefer to grill beef so if you are able to grill your beef then go for it. Here is a great guideline by the Cattlemen's Beef Board on Safe and Healthy Grilling that includes temperature settings for the particular doneness you prefer.

Now I'm a purist when it comes to grilling filets. I like a slight bit of olive oil that I rub on the surface and salt and pepper or add some great seasoning salts like the ones I picked up from John Elway's Steakhouse (see my post from last year) last NCBA.

Now if you can't cook on a grill for whatever can always make a great steak inside in a cast iron skillet. What is that you say? You don't have a cast iron skillet? Then I highly recommend you stop by the closest antique mall and find a used, well-seasoned cast iron skillet. No antique mall close by or the thought of using someone elses skillet bothers you then you can get a new one but make sure you follow the instructions on seasoning the skillet even if it says it was seasoned. There are lots of different methods of cooking a steak in cast iron but I use the one that works for me.

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Place your skillet on a stove top burner on high heat and get it blazing hot. For medium rare steaks...add the steaks that you have seasoned to your preference for 2 minutes per side. Do not pick them up, or touch them, they are creating wonderful carmelization...let it work its magic. Once the second side is complete flip the steak over again and place in the oven and time for 4 minutes, flip the steaks for another  13 minutes. Pull the skillet out of the oven and put the steaks on a warm plate and tent them for 5 minutes with aluminum foil to allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat. If you want to be really bad...add a pat of butter or if you are really ambitious make your own herbed butter by combining whatever chopped fresh herbs you have with softened butter and add to the top of the steaks when you put them in the oven. Not super great for the waistline but awesome for the taste buds.

Yes I was ambitious...I made my own herbed butter with parsley and the tops of green onions.

Oh yea...steak goodness picked up on the squash.

I love mushrooms soaked in wine and is a recipe I posted back in 2010 for Faux Burgundy Mushrooms you can make.
I made filets a last weekend and paired them with Burgundy mushrooms and sauteed green and yellow squash. It was delish.I used the cast iron skillet with the steak goodness to saute the squash. YUMMY!!!!

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