Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In love with the Sock Bun

There are both good things and bad about my hair getting longer, or should I say longer than it has ever been, good is I can do so much more with it including what I am going to tell you about today, bad is the tangles...holy cow tangles! Anyway on Pinterest (where else does anyone find anything these days) I found a post about a Sock curiosity caught me and I learned what it was...basically taking a sock, cutting the toe out of it, rolling it into a doughnut and wrapping you hair around it to make a beautiful and simple bun.

I tried it and it worked and I love it! It is so easy and with a couple bobby pins I can keep it in for quite a while as long as I don't hit my head on something which surprisingly happens quite often I have determined. I used a knee sock that the dryer at it's match, but will probably go buy a pair of brown socks and cut them at different lengths so I have two and they match my hair better than the purple zebra striped sock I am using now!

Sorry for the sideways shot of my unmade bed and gym bag.

Here is a link to a sock bun tutorial and even how you can make sock bun curls with wet hair overnight. I've not tried it yet but it might be next on my list of things to try.

DIY Sock Bun Tutorial


  1. I love sock bun curls! I've also been doing the headband curls from pinterest. Getting ready in the morning has become so much easier!

  2. ooooooh, I've not tried the headband curls, I'll need to check them out!! Thanks for the info!