Thursday, April 26, 2012

Summer Wear

So I am not a fashion and beauty person...I like fashion and I like trends in hair and make-up but lets be honest in the world of fertilizer it really doesn't resonate like it would in many other industries. I also feel I can't pull off most of the 'trends' because well the clothes don't fit me to my liking and the make-up and hair seem overdone for my style. BUT...this week for some reason I am going to have 2, count them TWO posts about fashion and beauty and the only reason is that I am so stinking excited about these two items this week.

Summer for me is usually about being at a tradeshow, roping or the farm so let's just say my legs don't get a lot of tan on them and I'm usually covered in sweat and dirt, or worse. But when I am in the the office or do have the opportunity to do something in the city I do love a sun dress. There is something so summery and comforting about a soft cotton sundress. They are perfect to roll up and pack into a suitcase or overnight bag and can be very versatile...dressed up or dressed down. Yesterday when I was at Target over my lunch break I saw hundreds of cute dresses so I pulled a few and low and behold they fit, were comfortable and looked cute so well I bought them. The best part is they were all under $30 each and came in a variety of colors and sizes.

From left to right: Pink draw string waist dress with sequin across the top $27.00; black simple cotton dress on sale for $15 this week and yes I have the same one in grey; black chiffon overlay with tie $29.00 (I think the tag is missing from it)

I also grabbed a cute short sleeved white sweater also for $15 to put over the pink dress or a number of other dresses in my closet!
The sale is in this week's circular so I wouldn't wait too long, I'm guessing colors and sizes will be limited on most sale items come Sunday!

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