Friday, May 9, 2014

DIY Canvas Art

I love my own art work, partially because I just don't think that I have the appropriate funds to purchase the art work which my tastes desire...why do I like pretty, expensive things???? Plus I can also select my own color pallets. This particular design is a knock-off of the ❤️ Wyoming promotion. 

Canvas is so easy to work with and anymore you can find them in a million different sizes and shapes and there are some companies that will even customize a size for you. This is a stock size 12x12 that I bought in a 2-pack from Hobby Lobby, using my 40% off discount coupon in my handy dandy Hobby Lobby app it was about $3 per canvas. 

I started by finding the font I wanted to use and locating a bucking horse silhouette. I printed them out on adhesive paper and cut them out. I highly recommend using a hard surface and exacto knife to cut out the horse with all the detail. If you are way cooler than me and have one of those cool cutting machines yes that is way better than scissors and an exacto and I'm jealous. 

Then prep your canvas. I used a nice neutral color, it is actually called Saddle by Behr and painted the entire surface including the edges. Let that dry completely then position and adhere the stickers on the canvas. Using a sponge brush, dry brush the accent color onto the canvas using short strokes to allow for the original paint color to show through the strokes. Start around the stickers paint outward from the stickers to prevent bleeding around the edges, then expand out to the entire canvas. Be sparing around the edges so you can create a worn look with stain later. This red color is I believe Barn Red, a Martha Stewart color from Lowes. It is the same color as my accent wall in my living room and I love the color. Remove the stickers while the paint is still wet/tacky. Let completely dry. 

The next step is optional and can be done different ways. I wanted to add and aged look to the canvas so I used an old rag dipped lightly in a stain, this is Provincial by Minwax, and I lightly covered the entire canvas focusing on the edges and areas where the stickers were. Not when you put stain on top of paint on a canvas it doesn't wipe off like it would on wood so be very careful to not go too crazy you can alway add more if you want it darker. 

Now to finish the look I used decorator or upholstery nails and have the piece a more finished look. I like to use a rubber hammer so you don't damage the nail head but unfortunately I couldn't find one this day so I just put a clean dry cloth over the nail before I hammered it into the wood frame of the canvas. I've also learned that it is best to make a small nail hole as a pilot hole, the upholstery nails go in so much easier that way. 

Hope you love it as much as I do! 

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