Friday, May 2, 2014

#ccbeautyswap #3

So I think I have preached how much I LOVE the Beauty Swaps that Crystal Cattle has been putting on, however if you haven't paid attention to my previous posts I want to remind everyone why I continue to participate and why I love them so much.

1. I have be paired up with three amazing women. All with different backgrounds than me but we have always had something in common. Most recently I was paired up with Nicole Starr and we have had a pretty similar track on our lives (I've just done mine a, um, few years ahead of her). We are ag girls from beef cattle backgrounds, she works at an ad agency, which was also my first job, we love make up and are proud aunts.
2. It is a great way to meet other ladies in the ag world, I have no idea how I ever would have connected with the three lovely ladies I have connected with over the past few months.
3. It is an awesome way to try new make-up and learn tricks from other like-minded ladies.

My swap partner was Ms. Nicole Starr and she hit my summer pressure points on the head!

I absolutely love the Smash Box Trio with shades of parfait, amethyst and aubergine (which totally reminds me of a great line from my favorite movie Sweet Home Alabama, but I digress). Why I love this so much is I can use the parfait and amethyst for a nice light more natural look, then I can add the aubergine in my crease with a Smash Box pencil liner in imperial with a nice sweep of black liquid liner across the top of my eye lash for a great going out of the house look. Purples are for sure the color of the year and for someone with sometimes green sometimes hazel eyes they are in my weekly rotation anyway!

This is scary I realize, I'm not much of a make-up artists by
the way I take pictures, but it does show a progression of how the
eyeshadow looks with the eyeliners I mentioned.

I'm obsessed with the Essie polish in Peach Daiquiri. I struggle every summer with picking a polish that I like that is versatile enough to be fun and summery and also something I can wear professionally with sandals or heels. This color is perfect. Nicole said it is her go-to polish and it now is mine! Sooo excited to get a new pedicure with this polish.

Love the swaps and want to thank Crystal for hosting yet again!

If you want to hear about my previous two swaps visit the links below:
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  1. Love it! That color palette is great. If you want to try and awesome liquid eyeliner check out Eyeko at Sephora. It is like a pointed felt marker and is so easy to use compared to a lot I have tried. I got one in my first Beauty Swap and I have already bought a second.

    So glad you have got to meet these girls and I are very happy to now be apart of the sparkle box.

  2. Love the polish color! I'm usually an OPI girl but I think I need to try Essie! :)

  3. Looks like an awesome color palette! Love that you included photos of you actually wearing it! Great idea!