Tuesday, September 9, 2014

House Remodel - Master Bathroom

The Rancho Not So Grande master bedroom and bathroom is one of the most favorite places of mine in the house. Here is some info about the master bathroom upcycle. We did a lot more to this bathroom and are so happy that we did.

Here are some pictures of the original bathroom...yes you are seeing that correctly there are two showers a stand up and a shower tub combo. I like to call them his and hers showers, because who doesn't need his and hers showers.

It is hard to say what needed to go first so here is the list of the things that we changed:
  1. Replaced the vinyl with tile
  2. Removed the wall paper and paint the walls
  3. Remove and replace the vanity
  4. Replace light fixture
  5. Frame out the showers
  6. Replace the toilet and fan/light kit
  7. Paint built-in medicine cabinet doors
Before: En suite bathroom with one sink...I think not.
Before: Wall paper everywhere!

First things first we had to remove the wall paper. Let me go on record saying I HATE WALL PAPER. Especially wall paper in bathrooms because the permeability of that paper even when scored is very little. My mom and I, then Jake and I scraped and scraped and scraped. After that was done we put a nice coat of paint on the walls. This is the same color as in the master bedroom and the half bath, Saddle Suede.

I hate this wall paper. I'm so glad it is gone.

We chose a very simple ceramic tile, we went with larger 18x18 tiles because they were cheaper than the 12x12 and we felt it make the space look a little larger and not so busy.

The vanity is the center piece of the room, I wanted something rustic and unique. We had this piece made by a young furniture maker in Kansas City. Unruh Furniture is located in Grandview and he does really, really nice work. We knew we wanted copper sinks but want and need are two different things, fortunately for me I found copper sinks in the National Ropers Supply catalog...more fortunately for me they were significantly cheaper than what was at Menards or other online places, plus I got my 10% USTRC Gold Plus discount. We used resin on the top of the wood cabinet as well to seal the wood and protect from water. We also framed out the stock mirror in the bathroom, it elevates it so much and makes it look like an expensive framed mirror when we used about $10 worth of trim that we stained.

This is so far my favorite piece that we have added to the house.

The faucets were from Lowes, which are the same style as the faucet in the half bath. You might ask why I have the same faucet style in two places, well for one I love the faucet and secondly I saw a faucet just like that in the Hotel Phillips when I was in college and told myself when I ever got to remodel a house I wanted that faucet and fortunately for me I am spoiled and I got my faucets.

The light fixtures are simple but much better than the original.

The finishing touches were to frame out the showers, add tin to the walls and paint and distress the medicine cabinets. The shower curtain I had at my previous town home and we got the towel hooks from Rod's Western Wear, I believe the are called robe hooks.

We treated our tin with a spray-on poly just to prevent the rust from rubbing off.
Oh hey look, we added a dog too. I forgot that addition!

Now the all important resource list...if you have any questions about where anything came from, just let me know!


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