Saturday, September 6, 2014

Shredding Chicken...

Super exciting title I know...Shredding Chicken, but hey I have something here that will prevent you from having burned fingers and a steamy face from shredding chicken with your fingers or two forks. I did see this on Pinterest but had to try it for myself to see if it worked, and it did!

Take your warm chicken, I wouldn't do it hot straight out of the oven, drop it in your stand mixer with the paddle attachment and turn on low...after 10-20 seconds you will think, that girl is completely crazy...the airport air has gotten to her and this isn't doing anything, then you will see it start to break apart and shred. As the chicken starts to break apart a little then you can turn it up and let it truly shred it apart. and then you get this...1 minute later. AMAZING.

I usually shred up some chicken and put it in the freezer and have it in case I want to make soup or enchiladas as some point, saves me so much time.
It looks like this in about a minute! This was 2 average sized chicken breasts. I would recommend doing them 2 at a time.  

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