Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oatella Cookies

Stop what you are doing.

Go straight to the grocery and buy a brand new jar of Nutella. (because if you are like me you never have a full, unopened jar of Nutella in the house)

Go home and make these cookies.


I found this recipe on Pinterest and it is what I call a 'Nailed It' recipe now. I've actually created a board on Pinterest called 'Nailed It' to track my success because it is important to know what is successful and what isn't because I think we all have learned that there is plenty on there that takes skills beyond what an average person has, and I consider myself a fairly crafty person.

The pin came from Cookie Madness, but the recipe is actually from Food and Wine.

I thought the only thing that was hard to follow was how long the cookies needed to bake...did they bake for 8-10 minutes total and you were supposed to move the pans at 4-5 minutes or was 8-10 minutes half way. Well I tried 8-10 initially and realized that was way too short, but 16-20 made a pretty crunchy cookie, imagine a great cookie with I split the difference I went about 12 minutes total and they were still a little gooey in the middle when I took them out of the oven and they tasted awesome and didn't get too hard when they cooled.

Pour yourself a big glass of milk and ENJOY!

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