Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Travel Must-Haves

So I am currently on the road on day 5 of a 12 day work trip...and not it isn't even out of the country which is very disappointing, but at least I am in the Southeast where it is warmer than it is in Iowa...I didn't say warm I just said warmer!

I wanted to share with you all 4 of my winter travel must-haves. I have a lot of travel tips due to the fact that I travel so much, which I will continue to share with you, but this one is super important for any of you taking a trip during the cold winter months.

1. Ole Henrikson Brightening Facial Wipes - These are amazing, they have a nice scent, they are mild enough for dry winter skin, tough enough to remove your make up and also has vitamin C! I get these from Sephora. They are awesome.

2. Josie Marin Oil - I use this oil for a little big of everything on the road, smoothing fly aways, under eye serum at night, mix with my CC cream if my face is feeling dry, cracked heels (because I am way overdue for a pedicure), etc. You can get this at a lot of places, obviously Sephora.

3. Ocean Saline Spray - Hotel rooms are DRY and my nose hates that! I love this to help help keep the inside of my nose moist.

4. Blender Bottle - The ONLY way I can stay on track while I am on the road is if I eat my breakfast in my room. Having a shake is super simple and helps me get my day started right and reduces the temptations.

I would be remiss to exclude the GIANT bottle of water I have with me at all time, but it just didn't make it in the picture.

What are some of your favorite winter travel must-haves?

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