Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Work-from-Home Morning Beauty Routine

I work from home and thus people think that I must sleep until 9 and go to work in my PJ's. Well that is actually pretty far from the truth. When I started working from home I asked friends that worked from home how did they stay motivated and they all had the same general comment, have a routine. Sounded pretty simple and honestly it is.

I am lucky we have an extra smaller bedroom in the basement, where I am currently, that is my dedicated office so there isn't anything to distract me. Every day I wake up, work out, shower, get dressed and grab breakfast before heading into the 'office'. Even though I don't go into a physical office, and on most days don't see anyone except my husband I do have a simple beauty routine I follow. For me it is an important step so I feel like me and feel like I'm at work, guess it was 10+ years I worked in an office and needed to look presentable to the outside world.

Here is my daily, work-from-home, beauty routine.

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm - I love this product because it isn't heavy like foundation but provides a very sheer light coverage plus a little sun protection AND moisturizer.

Benefit Fake Up - This concealer is amazing and works for when I need a little under eye pick-me-up.

Femme Couture Shimmer Stick - is a fantastic eye crayon I received from a Crystal Cattle Beauty Swap from Alison at Outside the Ag Room. The color is Moon Glow and it has a hint of purple with a hint of brown, I can swipe it on my lower lid and looks like I tried.

Eyelash Curler - I have had this Mary Kay eyelash curler for YEARS! I'm not saying it is the best curler around but it is the one I have.

Mascara - I got back and forth between the ULTA Plush Dramatic Volume Mascara and the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. Both are great but I probably tend to wear the Ulta on any given day and the Too Faced when I go out of the house.

Anyone else out there work from home or have a great quick product they love on the weekends?

Introducing Mrs. Rice...

.....yes that is me! I was fortunate enough to marry my one and only on March 28th!

Which explains why I was relatively radio silent for the last few months because I was not only planning a wedding while we continue to work on the homestead but the company I work for also was purchased so adjusting to a new company and planning a trip to Mexico for the new company for 600 of my favorite people...basically I had a lot going on...just like everyone else.

I will be sharing a couple of pictures from our big day in this post but I will be doing extended blogs about how to not let Pinterest ruin your wedding and how to be a chill bride (yes, for those of you who know me personally you are probably shocked to hear that everyone kept calling me such a relaxed and easy-going bride!).