About Me

I'm a pretty simple girl...I like a few things that people who meet me first off no matter what environment I am in may not think that I would like.
  1. In May 2013 I left my 'city' life and moved to Southwest Iowa to live with my then boyfriend. Well he popped the question in September 2014 and we were married in March of 2015. We live on a nice little acreage with our horses and fur baby, Rooster. I love DIY and will be sharing our progress as I can. I love being back in the country full time and wouldn't change my life for anything. 
  2. I like horses. My brother and I had a pony, but he rode the pony and I rode a big old horse called Tank. We grew up on those horses either helping dad with the cattle or playing as we roamed the sections around the house. From there we started team roping, then High School Rodeos, now I am a team roper only again. Oh yea, I met my husband team roping and yes we do rope together. 
  3. My dad and I at the Sidney USTRC
    in 2007
  4. I like cattle. I grew up on a beef cattle/farming operation so I like all kinds of cattle momma cows, babies and even the cranky bulls. But anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite time of the year is spring because that is when the cute, fuzzy, black haired babies are born. My husband and I are active on my family's cattle operation in Missouri. 
  5. I am a foodie. I like all kinds of food from steak to sushi and most things in between. You will find a lot of recipes on this site...but none of them will include cooked spinach or peas in any mass quantity..
  6. I enjoy traveling but don't do it often for pleasure since I do it a lot for work, but still up to pack my bag and head out somewhere.
  7. I like to take pictures, it doesn't matter what of even though I do love nature and animals (or my friends when they are unsuspecting). I'm not a photographer and wish I had more time to learn how to take better pictures, but maybe someday. To see my life in pictures, especially many of our rotten little dog Rooster, you can follow me on Instagram @travelingcowgirl. 
  8. I am an advocate for agriculture. Agriculture has always been and still is my life. I have my own opinions and theories and love to debate those with anyone willing. I am a firm believer in conventionally raised crops but will respect those who believe differently as long as they are not pushing their values and beliefs on everyone else.
  9. Circa 1995...my dearest friend Christy,
    and my brother and I hauling hay.
  10. I am a sports junkie...especially college football, but love going to any sporting event.
    Love that black and gold!
  11. I love music...mainly country, especially old country like Waylon but I like most all music.
Because I am writing this blog for my own humor and therapy, I felt I needed to provide some rules of the blog you are reading.
  1. I am not a writer, so please don't judge me on my sentence structure, grammar, etc. I write like a speak, and that can sometimes be a little unconventional.
  2. I do not make all of this up...I use a lot of places for inspiration or ideas. I will always give credit where credit is due. If you use any information from this blog I just ask you do the same.
  3. All of the information on here is factual no matter how crazy the story may seem.
  4. If you try one of my recipes and have any suggestions or alterations, I would love to hear about them. I'm not a chef, just a person with a kitchen who likes to cook and has hungry friends, tips and tricks are always appreciated!