Thursday, January 15, 2015

Grey Hair DO Care

Um, yea that statement is NOT correct, grey hair I care very much. Fact is that I have had grey hair since I was in my mid-20's. At this point I'm not sure how much grey I have, but I know it is enough and I don't know what my natural hair color is but that is why I have a GREAT, GREAT, GREAT colorist!

But if you are like me you can't always get to your awesome colorist on a timely basis and your hair color is a little far from your natural color so the regrowth doesn't always match well I was running out of creative ways to style my hair so I couldn't see the great regrowth line. Or maybe you want to extend the time between colors to save some money. But I have found an awesome temporary solution....let me introduce my new special little friend.

Looks like I'm preparing to shoot the camera! 

Rita Hazan Root Concealer, which I purchased from Sephora. This product is awesome and comes in 4 great shades, lucky for me the red is VERY close to the current color of my hair. The can is small with a very fine extended nozzle that allows for targeted application. It sprays on very lightly and easily covers your hair...and it stays very well as I only wash my hair every few days and as long as I don't change my part I don't have to worry about reapplying product. I will say that after a while the product does build up a little and you may have to wash your hair or using a baking soda wash every now and then to get it completely cleaned out. The only caution is that if you get the spray on your face it will stain unless wiped off pretty quickly so I hold a towel up to my face while I spray the product on.



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Travel Must-Haves

So I am currently on the road on day 5 of a 12 day work trip...and not it isn't even out of the country which is very disappointing, but at least I am in the Southeast where it is warmer than it is in Iowa...I didn't say warm I just said warmer!

I wanted to share with you all 4 of my winter travel must-haves. I have a lot of travel tips due to the fact that I travel so much, which I will continue to share with you, but this one is super important for any of you taking a trip during the cold winter months.

1. Ole Henrikson Brightening Facial Wipes - These are amazing, they have a nice scent, they are mild enough for dry winter skin, tough enough to remove your make up and also has vitamin C! I get these from Sephora. They are awesome.

2. Josie Marin Oil - I use this oil for a little big of everything on the road, smoothing fly aways, under eye serum at night, mix with my CC cream if my face is feeling dry, cracked heels (because I am way overdue for a pedicure), etc. You can get this at a lot of places, obviously Sephora.

3. Ocean Saline Spray - Hotel rooms are DRY and my nose hates that! I love this to help help keep the inside of my nose moist.

4. Blender Bottle - The ONLY way I can stay on track while I am on the road is if I eat my breakfast in my room. Having a shake is super simple and helps me get my day started right and reduces the temptations.

I would be remiss to exclude the GIANT bottle of water I have with me at all time, but it just didn't make it in the picture.

What are some of your favorite winter travel must-haves?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nephew DIY Projects

I have been on the road quite a bit lately and it hasn't changed I am currently on a 12 day trip so I thought it was time to get back to my blog. Here are a couple of projects that I worked on before Christmas...but there is a story behind them.

SO I will learn someday to always take before pictures when I start these DIY projects, but since I didn't I'm going to have to show you a couple of after pictures, explain what I (and my helper elves) did and let you imagine how hideous the original pieces were. Or my friend Jennie can vouch for how ugly the pieces were because she was with me when I bought them as the Good Will people were giving us a dirty look at 8:45 on a Monday night with the constant reminder that they were closing at 9:00. Yep we get it...moving right along now.

LEGO Table

This was super duper easy...all you need is an old end table or bedside table with a drawer or two...mine came from Good Will...1970's style with a drawer and a shelf under neath. I took the hardware off the drawer and wiped it down good with a disinfectant and then used Chalkboard spray paint and gave it a couple of good coats. Then I purchased a couple of Lego plates from Amazon (big surprise) and used E6000 to glue them down. We took over sized Legos and replaced the drawer pulls.

My future sister-in-law will love this picture, but honestly RK it was the best one I had of the table!

Kids Card Table

This was very rough. I found it at Good Will the same night I got the Lego table. It looked like it was also from the 70's but it was in great shape and just needed a little TLC. So I paid $9 for it and purchased a $3 vinyl table cloth on sale at Wal-Mart and used a can of Espresso colored Spray Paint and went to town. For the top I removed the cardboard top and asked Jake and his sister (insert future sister-in-law from above picture) to help me put it together, how they did it I have no idea but I think it was a lot like putting fabric on a chair, etc. BUT it is so cute and the nephews had their own table at Thanksgiving and we can use it for a lot of functions and it cost less than $20!

Friday, January 2, 2015

#ccbeautyswap Anniversary Edition & Fiber Lash Winner Announced

I was so honored that Crystal asked me to co-host the anniversary beauty swap with her. I've participated in all the swaps so far and have loved every moment of meeting each person I've connected with and trying out my awesome new products...some of which have become a staple in my make-up bag on a daily basis.

This swap I was lucky enough to be paired with Crystal and I was so excited to get some awesome goodies from here and those of you who follow me on Instagram (@travelingcowgirl) know what I received already but I wanted to provide a little more detail below!

Josie Marin oil - YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH THIS...under your eyes for extra moisture, on your ends to smooth your hair, add a few drops to your CC cream for smoother application. This is the second time I've received this oil (and I was out when I got this one so bonus for me) and it is amazing...try

MAC Lipstick and eyeshadow - Before the swap I had never tried any MAC products and I have to say I am a pretty big fan...the lipsticks go on smooth as do the eye shadows and they have just enough shimmer without being overly sparkly. I'm quickly becoming a MAC fan.

Nivea Chap Stick is in my purse at all times now...I love it!

I've not had a chance to try the mask but hope to this weekend. If you want to see my other posts from my other swaps check them out here:

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Sporting my new eyeshadow and lipstick!

And now for the big winner of the 3-D Fiber Lash Mascara...congratulations Carly Cummings! Please send me an email at with your address and I'll get your new Sassy Lashes in the mail early next week!