When they give you a test in a magazine that asks you questions like...your ideal vacation is, or how long do you plan for a vacation, or your adventure level on vacation is...I usually end up the Your Bags Are Always Packed and Ready To Go type of traveler. Some of that is out of necessity...I do travel quite a bit for my job even though that is slowing down slightly. Still I do love to travel, we always took family trips growing up and I can still remember riding up Pike's Peak in a camper shell or watching buffalo in Yellowstone or the wild horse race at the Cheyenne Frontier Days...I think my parents liked to go west! As we got into high school our summer vacations were part of our trips to the National High School Rodeo Finals like the hottest summer of my life in Pueblo, CO, well maybe it wouldn't have been so hot if I wasn't in sequins for the week. Then I started taking trips with friends starting with Christy and our always interesting adventures, my sorority sisters from college or the girls from Naperville. I go a lot of places and see a lot of things...hopefully you can pick up some travel tips or find a great restaurant along your journey that will hit the spot when you are ready to be home and just want a good meal.

A few of my favs!
Caribbean Travel Tips
Gold Street Cafe - Albquerque, NM
San Antonio Top 10
Dallas/Fort Worth Shopping
Heading to the UK