Tuesday, October 20, 2009


No I'm not like Emeril and have an obsession with pork fat, but I do have an appreciation for a good pork loin, piece of bacon, ham or a fantastic smoked pork chop which what I wanted to share today. On a recent MoKan NAMA tour, we visited Kurzweils' Country Meats in Garden City, Mo (thanks to Mindy Hempler who knows the folks there and recommended their wonderful facility for our tour) and as part of our tour we were given smoked pork chops so last night I gave them a whirl and let me tell you what...these could possibly be one of the best smoked pork chops that I have ever eaten. (Not my pork chop, but a picture from their website!) For those of you who have known me for a long time know that I grew up with fresh pork in the freezer (which I guess was our reward for having smelly and noisy pigs out the back door...not literally they were in pens 100 feet from the door, we weren't hillbillies people!) and also know that I am very particular about purchasing meat, especially pork since it can sometimes be strong tasting, but this was fresh and mild tasting with a perfect amount of smoke. So with these wonderful pork chops since they are already precooked I just put mine in a skillet for about 3 minutes on each side until they were starting to caramelize and the meat was warm all the way through and put the wonderful chops with homemade macaroni and cheese which was a perfect and pretty easy way to end a Monday. Kurzweils' is a family owned and run business, some of the family raises the pork, some of the family works in the store and some of the family raises the corn that is fed to the pigs. They are good people that have a great country store with unique items that would make a great gift basket. In addition to the pork chops they have many other items including specialty flavored brats including Greek and Chili Cheese and a lot of great items that can be put on the grill for a tailgate or fun fall family outing. They have a location in Lee's Summit for those of you afraid to venture out of city limits (even though the trip to Garden City would be worth it!) and even have an on-line ordering system, could be a great option for holiday gifts or corporate gifts. Visit their website to see what they have: http://www.kurzweilscountrymeats.com/

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  1. We were sent one of Kurzweil's Smoked hams as a present from a company this year. It was one of the best hams that we have ever had !! And Buddy grew up on a hog farm and I always had fresh pork from butchering parties in the freezer too ! My hats off to the Kurzweil's line !!