Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Proof Reading Emails

So as sponsors of the American Royal Calf Scramble, the American Royal graciously gave the SFP office tickets to many of the activities at the Royal this year, which we are very excited about. So I sent an email out to the office that said such: We have 4 tickets for the American Royal Hunter Jumper Grand Prix in the lower level up for grabs…it is tomorrow night at 7:00. First come first serve…call, email, text, or courier pigeon me! Jennie comes rushing into my office with tears streaming from her office and I thought to myself that she is trying really hard because the courier pigeon line wasn't that funny but whatever... Jennie: Did you read that email before you sent it? Me: Yeah Jennie: Did you read the subject line? Me: Oh no... Email Subject Line: American Royal Hunter Humper Grand Prix Not exactly sure what a Hunter Humper is but I can only imagine and I really don't want to know. It is amazing how many people emailed me back so quickly and props to the guy who got that courier pigeon ready so fast! Anyway...for once I am really glad that I work in a pretty relaxed office because after I could compose myself from laughing on my floor (literally), I went out into the office and everyone had a nice good long laugh about it...even HR. Traveling Cowgirl Code: Always proof read your emails...even the SUBJECT line!

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