Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That's a Pretty Darn Good Bacon Infused Burger

So football season is here and I finally had the chance to actually go to a game with some friends, so as we are planning I offer to make the burgers. I offer to make the burgers for a couple reasons: 1. I have a pretty decent supply of beef at my disposal, considering what my family does for a living that makes a lot of sense, 2. I had an idea I wanted to try out and I was in the mood for bacon, and 3. I was feeling nice for once (hard to believe, but it does happen sometimes). So the response to my burgers was pretty exceptional considering it was raining like a monsoon in CoMo that night and we were lucky we didn't soak our buns (just ask my brother Adam who didn't wear rain pants to the game...he not only had soaked buns but cold ones too), but alas we didn't and the burgers were a hit. And why not they were infused with bacon...bacon infused burgers. To me there are two keys to a great piece of grilled meat. Meat Source/Quality Grilling Method/Griller MEAT - Get your grilling meats from a reputable source. Of course I recommend home-raised and when I say home-raised I don't mean all-natural, organic or grass-fed...I mean the good kind that have been vaccinated, fed corn and soy by-products and raised. If you don't have access to what is now lovingly known as "Howard Beef" by my friends then I recommend you take care when selecting your grilling meats because your taste buds will thank you later because grilling will just enhance the natural flavors of the meat. GRILLING - I'm going to play a little bit of a man card here, even though I'm not a man, but I feel like I'm a pretty decent grill master...key to making these burgers or ANY burgers good is to cook them on a medium to medium-low heat to keep the juices in and also get the burgers cooked even with a nice crust on the outside of the burgers as well. I also suggest to melt your cheese slightly on the burgers before you take them off the grill to get that yummy melty cheese effect, which I will say I would have forgotten if not for Mr. Tower reminding me and almost revoking my grilling tongs. Ok on to the recipe: Pretty Darn Good Bacon Infused Burger 1 pound home raised all-American ground BEEF 1 TBS Worcestershire Sauce 2 TBS A1 Smokehouse Steak Sauce (the only reason to have steak sauce) 1 TBS Gates Grilling Seasoning 4 strips Bacon uncooked (I used the apple wood smoked kind) Combine the first 4 ingredients. Chop the bacon strips into small pieces and combine with the burger goodness mixture, if you like more bacon...add more bacon. Make into patties and grill. If you grill them right then the bacon will cook thoroughly and will get crispy on the inside and outside of the burger. Traveling cowgirl code: Bacon makes everything better...even home-raised, all-American, perfectly seasoned, perfectly grilled burgers.

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  1. Humm... my invite to this tailgate with the wonderful bacon-burger-goodness must have gotten lost in the mail... ;-) Love your blog girlie!