Friday, August 5, 2011

Bacon Explosion ala Angie

So have all heard of the Bacon Explosion...aka grilled heart attack? I remember seeing it on the talk shows a few years back and thinking that is interesting but just never made one. Well that has been changed. For a surprise 30th birthday party this past weekend, Angie and I whipped one up...well to be honest, Angie did the work and I chronicled it with my IPhone. Then when we got to the lake, because Angie and I were enjoying the water Jason grilled it for us. Let's say that it was amazing and everyone is waiting for us to make another...

A little history on the Bacon Explosion. It was created by a group called the BBQ Addicts and they are out of none other than Kansas City. Because where else would people think to combine bacon, sausage, bbq spice, sauce and a grill? There is a tutorial on their website linked above on how to make the Bacon Explosion or you can also order one directly from them. Here is step-by-step what we did, now we modified the recipe a little and I think it is one you can make it your own...if you don't like Italian Sausage you could use a mixture of breakfast sausage and ground pork or even hamburger and ground pork.

Introducing Angie, the true maker, I'm just the photo lady...weaving bacon!

Bacon weave covered in Gates Grill Seasoning...
Spreading the sausage/ground pork mixture

We added cheese, because that is what we do...Angie decided a tomahawk chop was the appropriate way to incorporate.

Adding crumbled bacon on top

Smothering with seasoning and Oklahoma Joe's BBQ sauce, we are supporting multiple KC BBQ shops

More seasoning

Time to roll...starting at one end she just rolled the ground mixture and cooked bacon up leaving the weave down.

More rollin...

Using the plastic wrap, putting the bacon weave around the mixture


We can't take grilling credit...but it was grilled for about 2.5 hours on 200 or so degrees and it was delish! Sorry about the lighting, I wasn't worried about it after being on the lake all day and hungry!!!
The tutorial online is very descriptive. We plan on making another one, probably for Homecoming...good news to everyone who tailgates with us, stop on by in October if you are interested in trying it...

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  1. Hey ladies - my fiance is on the BBQ team with the inventors of the Bacon Explosion. If you ever want to meet Jason and Aaron or try one made by the inventors, let me know. I'm enjoying your blog by the way! Stephanie