Monday, August 29, 2011

Ninja Rodeo Clown

I wanted to share this video I took (sorry with my IPhone, so it isn't 1080) last weekend while at a rodeo with my brother and sister-in-law. So there are multiple reasons to have a rodeo clown(s) at a rodeo...first and foremost their job is to protect the cowboy in the bull riding. They are willing to throw themselves in front of a 2,000 pound bull to help free a cowboy that has his hand stuck in his riding riggin or who has fallen under the bull on his dismount. That is their job and that is what they do, but it is dangerous and many of them do get injured sometimes badly.

But then their is the lighter side of rodeo clowns and they are known more as the funny men...funny men do the acts in between rodeo events to entertain the crowd while they are getting the calves loaded into the chute for the calf roping or horses ready for the saddle bronc riding. The funny men are known to harass the crowd, blow up things (that make loud noises and scare the horses, and a lot of the people in the stands), but are very good to entertain the crowd especially the youngsters.

Anyway here is a video of the funny man from the rodeo last weekend doing a ninja routine that was pretty darn impressive. If you are looking for another example of a great funny man look up Flint Rasmussen, last time I saw him was in Cheyenne a few years back...VERY FUNNY! The Pioneer Woman blogged about him just a couple weeks ago when she saw him at a PBR in OKC.

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