Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grilled Peaches

When I think summer I think ice cream...but knowing that I cannot have ice cream all the time I opt for fat-free sherbet, but tonight was a special night...I ate pretty healthy today, plus worked out so thought I deserved a treat for dinner. I had some peaches that needed to be eaten so I decided to make a grilled peach and top it with some low fat ice cream. Since I had never grilled a peach before I did google some recipes, but they all varied so I did a combination of the ones I liked the best. Some people put more savory items with them like basil, but I kept mine very true to the peach...and since I'm in a new obsession with honey, I had to add some of that along with some brown sugar that gave the peach a very caramelized look and taste.

Grilled Peaches
1 peach per two servings
brown sugar
honey (preferably local...that will come up in another post soon)
ice cream or whipped cream (I used 1/2 fat vanilla but you could use whatever you wanted)

Wash the peach, cut in half and remove the pit. Sprinkle a small amount of brown sugar on the peach halves and then drizzle the honey over the top. Let the peach halves sit for 30 minutes to an hour to allow the brown sugar and honey to soak into the peach. Lightly oil a hot grill (or grill pan if you don't want to fire up the grill) and put the peaches cut side down...grill for 2-3 minutes or until caramelized and flip, grill another 2-3 minutes until warm and soft through. Add to a bowl then top with ice cream or whipped cream and serve immediately.

It was perfect for a nice summer night and great to share with friends!

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