Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cruisin for a Cause

For the last 8 years on one Saturday morning in June the roads around Derr Equipment in Savannah and surrounding communities are alive with what once was…tractors of all kinds, and sizes, varying in levels of upkeep or restoration along with drivers of all generations fill the roads for the Show-Me Tractor Cruise. Sounds pretty cool huh? Well it is, especially for this farm girl who was raised driving an International 560, the first tractor my dad purchased as a teenager that is currently in pieces on the shop floor preparing to be restored over the fall and winter, and who has a brother who was given an Farmall H, that was fully restored by our late Grandpa (Warner), that we have used on the farm is neat to see all the tractors that have been cared for so delicately and repaired and restored to perfect original condition or those that have come straight from the field after a hard working spring planting and haying season. The stories those tractors could tell of the times they have seen and the work they have been through…but the real story is not that farmers, tractor enthusiasts and those that love the country lifestyle from 13 states gather on a Saturday morning in June to drive their tractors on a 50 mile cruise, the real story is why they do it and why the tractor cruise exists.

The Show-Me Tractor Cruise raises money for Camp Quality. The motto of the ride, A Few Miles for Many Smiles, is very true when it comes to the money raised for Camp Quality. Camp Quality is a camp for kids diagnosed with cancer to have a true camp experience with the comforts and care needed for children with cancer but allowing them to be kids and be with other kids. Here is the website for Camp Quality if you are not familiar with what they do or want to know how you can help. This is my first year truly involved in the cruise. My Grandpa Kennie (Acklin) participated in the cruise a couple times before he passed away. Even though he shouldn’t have been in the heat and the drive itself wore him out he still did it and loved it. My dad also loves to go down and walk through the tractors just like a little kid…he won’t want to drive through the cruise next year but once the 560 is restored I’m sure he will want to show it off down there! When asked by Tom Brand this year if SFP was interested in supporting the cruise it was a no-brainer for me and I’m so happy I work for a company who is willing to let me support causes such as this that mean something to me and those who are receiving the support.

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