Monday, June 14, 2010

Wet Pant Legs

I HATE wet pant legs…I will happily be the girl who looks like a total DORK with my pant legs rolled up or tucked into my boots so I don’t have wet pant legs when I get to work or wherever I am going. Now I am not a prissy, girlie person (well most of the time, I do like bling, but I don’t think that makes me girlie) but I just can’t stand walking around all day with the bottom of my pantlegs wet and cold. I have realized in the short period of time that I was in England that wet pant legs don’t bother Englishmen. Case-in-point, I was in Cambridge for a total of 4 days and every day it rained…that created lots of water puddling around town, on sidewalks, in streets, etc. And as I was walking through the town one morning trying to get some local culture people would walk straight through a puddle of 2 inch deep water getting their shoes and pantlegs soaking wet, I on the other hand would walk 4 feet around a puddle. Now, am I really that strange? Doesn’t everyone want dry pant legs? So I started this post when I was in England but because of internet connections I was unable to post it…then I get home and well it rained and I go to the farm and it doesn’t rain (which never happens because when I am at home it ALWAYS rains when I want to plan to play outside) but alas I go to Sidney to the USTRC and it rains, so I became the prissy cowgirl for the day with my pantlegs tucked into my boots. But the bright side and good news to this post last night at the farm it rained, so as I was preparing to go outside to help dad and April work cows all day, I tucked in my pantlegs into my Mucks and looked just like everyone else because dad and April were just like that too. So today, I wasn’t the outsider and for once was like everyone else…well at least my pant legs were, the rest of me is still questionable.

Oh and here are a couple of shots from my little walk around Cambridge.

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