Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Night - Boise Airport

So to everyone who was at the Boise airport at 11:11 last night just a few parting comments. 1. Read the post I did about a year ago, do not, I repeat DO NOT (how can I scream this) stand directly along the carousel belt for luggage...seriously no one can see their bags and when their 48 pound pink bag comes around move your ass or I am going to knock you over getting it off the belt because...well I want to. 2. Hey you two, wearing your matching his and hers recently purchased from Mexico dipstick looking straw look like idiots, you don't even have a tan and it is 58 degrees out side and pitch black...get a grip, you're in Idaho. 3. To all the young girls who came on the plane from Boise with us from Vegas, I'm sorry that they didn't accept your application to work at the Bunny even YOU weren't trashy enough to work there, so put some freakin clothes on...because honestly you look ridiculous. That's all. Have a wondermous week.

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