Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So everyone who knows me well,knows that I love sports...I was even told last winter that I was football crazy and I took it as a compliment, I do not think he intended it that ways though. I have a close group of friends both female and male who love to go to a game...love the act of tailgating (yes in KC we tailgate for everything, especially baseball)...but this week was a little extreme. In the course of 3 days I've attended a Camping World Truck Race at the Kansas Speedway, a Spring Cup race out there as well and two, not one but two Royals game.

I'm excited about the games and races because they were a blast but need a break from sporting events for a few days!

Angie and I at the Royals/Twins game on Mizzou night!

The hotdog race...it was about 90 degrees this night they had to be hot!
I always root for mustard and rarely win.

Me, Stephanie and Jennie in Victory Lane at the Kansas Speedway during the STP 400.
(photo courtsey of Luke McKelvie)

Long story but I've been craving cotton candy for about 4 weeks, now that I've had it
I won't want it again for about 10 years.

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