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This is my first time blogging from my IPad so please bare with me and my formatting, it is a test run for my trip to Europe and the UK next week and hoping to ditch the computer and just take the IPad. Jury is still out so if you have any formatting suggestions please let me gentlemen start your engines.

The NASCAR industry is a billion dollar industry. It is unreal the amount of money and time that is put into the sport not only by the teams and drivers, but tracks, sponsors and fans. I'm not a motor head but after spending some time with the sport a few years ago I learned a lot about it, the science behind it, the engineering, the training the drivers put they study the tracks and conditions the computer programs they use to figure out the fast line during practice by following the path of the fastest guy on the track truly amazes me. And that is just one small part of the industry that I actually understand not to mention the 100,000 other details I don't. 

But for the average person or fan most NASCAR experiences are from an easy chair on Saturday or Sunday, or a chance at tickets only if you live close enough to a track to attend or willing to travel
for a weekend, which a lot of people do. They camp in the infield or outskirts of the track, they tailgate...and boy do they tailgate, and they love their driver. There are flag poles representing 20 years of NASCAR history at any given tailgate...maybe featuring their favorites past and present and a lot of the past will deal with #3 (if you are not familiar just google NASCAR #3). When I was at Watkins Glenn i even saw an evergreen covered in beer can ornaments, they are very creative fans! For those of us in the Midwest, tracks with a Sprint Cup Race (highest level of skill) are hard to the Kansas Speedway is a huge attraction for many reasons but primarily because of the two Sprint Cup Races each year. But they have a lot of other great qualities and benefits for fans that you can't get at most tracks. 

They have one of the most expansive Fan Walks. They get you up front and center with the garages, haulers, crews and maybe even a glimpse of a driver or two. They cost a little money, $15, but worth the money. Free parking, a lot of free parking...pretty good traffic flow in and out as well. You can bring in a 14x14x14 soft-sided cooler with beverages, whatever beverages you
want as long as they aren't in glass containers.

Here are a few pictures from my time there this weekend...great place to watch a race. I also strongly suggest if you like NASCAR catch a race at Kansas Speedway. If you think NASCAR is a bunch of red necks with mullets drinking PBR in sleeveless Dale Earnhardt t-shirts well you are part
right, but it is also a very complex sport with a lot of very smart, educated individuals who love the sport and are working every day to make the sport better. There are drivers who are following in the foot steps of their fathers and grandfathers, there are young guns just trying to make it big, but regardless it is a sport full of passion and I encourage any sports fan to check out at least once in their life.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos view from pit road

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos view from not so cheap seats

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos winner's burn out

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos victory lane

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