Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh La La

So the Traveling Cowgirl is REALLY traveling this time...I'm currently sitting in my hotel room in Paris, France people not Missouri or Texas or any other state in the US that borrowed the name. I'm in this part of the world for work but we came over early to get used to the time and also see a little more of the world than a tradeshow in the middle of Lincolnshire, England...that will come later in the blog posts.

We flew into Brussels because it is cheaper than flying directly into Paris and that is where we need to go back to connect to get to Nottingham, England for work. From there we took the train...sounds simple enough right, well it would be if anything would have been in both French and English, so long story short we waited at the wrong train station to catch our Paris train almost too long and had to run in between platforms, up stairs (with 50 and 43 pound bags...mine of course would be the 50) and through confusion to finally get on the train and headed to Paris. In Paris things got surprisingly easier...we were able to take a cab from the train station to our hotel which is just a few short blocks from the Arc De Triomphe.

View from our room.
 We ate lunch at a patsree between here and there and did some exploring before we decided naps were in order for sure. So post nap we are more energized and ready for our night bicycle tour that starts at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

Quiche and a great buttery chocolate croissant.
Jennie and her awesome strawberry dessert!
The Marriott is super nice and the rooms are huge...we're off to eat again, our clocks are all thrown off!

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