Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We ate our way through it...

So I spent a week traveling for work and it just so happened that travel took me to Europe...specifically England for work, but we took advantage of the weekend ahead of our work trip and went to Paris and Brussels. Needless to say we took the opportunity to sample our way through those two places and then sampled a lot of local cuisine in England while we were there for a week. I'll have some more blogs about the trip and some fun things to do if you are ever in that part of the world.

But for now this is how we ate our way through Paris, Brussels and England...the funny part is no we didn't gain any weight, I actually lost a couple pounds on the trip, but we were very active and biked 8 miles one day, walked 2-3 (maybe more) the next and were always on the move and always doing something.

Ham and cheese quiche and chocolate croissant in Paris

Pizza in Paris...yes not French but the line was short
and it was tasty!

Beef braised in beer at the Stella Cafe in Brussels.

Mussels and frites! I was obviously excited
at the Stella Cafe in Brussels.

The lightest, fluffiest dessert waffle I have ever had
with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate...obviously this
is from Brussels.

"REAL DAIRY" ice cream at the show grounds in England.

Sea Bass in England.
Pot roast in England.

Chocolate torte in England.

Frangipani in England

This is a pretty white meal, even for me...panini and chips in England.

My favorite meal of the trip...a steak and ale pie with chips
from the Lamb and Flag pub in Lincoln, England.

Jennie's first Fish and Chips, also at the Lamb and Flag.

Sticky toffee pudding...also from the Lamb and Flag.

I have no idea what this is, Jennie ate it but it looks yummy!

My egg and mayo sandwich with chips and a salad...salads are hard
to come by...with a ginger beer (non-alcoholic) and lime!

Another Paris cafe meal...chocolate croissant, cheese
breadstick, flatbread and apple danish!

Chocolate ice cream at Berthillon, one of the most famous
ice cream shops in Paris!

Our most unhealthy meal of the trip
a grilled hot dog and bun with fries at the base of
the Eiffel Tower.

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